Next salvage project

We use electronet to protect our day ranging chickens from the almost-daily visits from coyotes. Great product, but a bit of a hassle to move by yourself.

Just watched the WA state series of farm hack videos and saw this idea of using ¬†salvage lawnmower as a spool for the fence as well as a holder for the fence’s solar suitcase. Going to find a freecycle lawnmower now…brilliant idea!

Day ranging, with birds of prey

Regularly losing chickens to our regularly visiting birds of prey (osprey, eagle, hawks, and the occasional falcon) we’ve changed our day-ranging setup again. Again. Sigh.

Condensed the electronet by 70% and added a roof via rebar + deer fencing¬†mesh fabric from golf ranges. It is lightweight, fast/easy to move, and might become the electronet’s new BFF. Which would make it mine, too.