Day ranging, with birds of prey

Regularly losing chickens to our regularly visiting birds of prey (osprey, eagle, hawks, and the occasional falcon) we’ve changed our day-ranging setup again. Again. Sigh.

Condensed the electronet by 70% and added a roof via rebar + deer fencing mesh fabric from golf ranges. It is lightweight, fast/easy to move, and might become the electronet’s new BFF. Which would make it mine, too.

The dangers of day ranging

Wow. We’ve lost three chickens to birds of prey in the last two weeks. Two taken by owls – one I chased around our field at 1AM with a flashlight – and a third one by a Peregrine falcon that inadvertently trapped himself in our chicken tractor.

He got into the tractor, killed a chicken, and was eating it when the door to the coop got blocked. I was furious when I found him (and my dead chicken), but he’s on the protected list, so I had to let him go. Very, very frustrating.

Not sure what we’re going to do about all these birds of prey. They sure don’t make day-ranging chickens very straightforward.