Food quality and storage

We’re continuing to see some mainstream attention on the lack of food quality in the US (evidence: Roger Ebert’s un-review of the new movie Food, Inc). Now to get the North American’s attention on the next step towards true sustainability: food security via local micro-farms, micro-ranchs, and our own yards.

Related food security note: We’ve got 12 months food about to go into storage. Not tasteless freeze dried stuff, but our normal, organically grown, regionally-grown foodstuffs sealed in metalized bags with oxygen absorbers, packed inside food-grade 5-gallon buckets. Vermin-proof, easy to store, and will last for years and years depending on the type of food. Check that item off the list. What list? The one in Joel Skousen’s compilation called “10 Packs for Survival“.

Also ordered a sweet new Family Grain Mill from Homestead Products for wheat, etc that works on either electricity or manual power. The money I spent on the bulk food + the mill came out to less than buying three months worth of that same food at our grocery store would have cost.