Are you freaking out?

If any of the topics I’m talking about here freak you out, consider a quick visit to the PeakShrink’s blog (as in Post Peak Oil), specifically this post. Clearly an interesting woman using her skill set to keep “prepper” readers sane and thinking clearly.

Why is this post tagged as “personal training”? Because it can be dangerous to spend significant time doing personal training for any type of emergency. Part of that personal training should be stress management.

If you lose your positive outlook, or lose the positive reason why you are doing the training (for me, that’s my family), then you are truly lost. You’ll spiral into a negative mindset and attitude, in which you will not be able to help yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your community, nor your country.

Side note: I just learned the catch word preppers a few nights ago doing research. Do you purchase insurance, set aside income for savings, or wear a bicycle helmet? Then you are a prepper, too.