Love/hate relationship with birds of prey

Every two months I take three hours to rotate our laying chickens to new pasture. This last time I spent much of that time contemplating the pros and cons of birds of prey.

As soon as I took down the protective ceiling in our day-ranging setup (think of one of those big vertical nets at a golf range mounted horizontally on rebar), eight eagles almost immediately found me. Amazing.

They spent the next hour doing flyovers and deep dives checking out the availability of a take-out lunch. I got to appreciate the huge beauty of a full grown eagle not more than 20′ from me, doing a flyby at less than 10′ off the ground that would do a Navy fighter pilot proud.

And as soon as I got the ceiling back up, the chickens came out from their portable coops and the eagle family disappeared over the treetops.

Overachieving chickens

I love our Golden Comet laying hens.

They lay an egg a day without pause and many of the eggs are huge (see eggs on left in photo). We keep these oversized ones ourselves rather than include them in the eggs we barter as they simply won’t fit in any egg carton.

Notice the blue Araucana egg is smaller than even the normal size Golden Comet eggs; the blue one is the same size as the eggs you buy in the store.

The Golden Comets are proving to be sweet-tempered with our children, small body weight requiring less feed, very healthy in a day-ranging scenario, and excellent egg producers. Love this breed. Highly recommended.