Avoiding the hospital for only $3

A couple of weeks ago I was pounding in metal t-posts the other day to hold up some bamboo I transplanted from a neighbor. We’re going to grow our own timber poles for future food production projects with it (e.g. fencing, pea trellis, etc).

I was using a two-handed post driver on a very steep slope and somehow managed to glance the tool off the top of the t-post. I proceeded to then slam the post driver at full speed on top of my head, knocking me backwards two feet. I sat down saying, “Doggone, that’s going to leave a mark” and put my hand to my head, expecting to feel a big bump or two. Instead, I pulled back a hand + forearm full of blood, with more pouring down my face a second later. Uh oh.

I knew head wounds bleed a lot, but I’ve never had one myself. Keeping firm pressure on the crown of my head, I stumbled up the hill to the garage, called for my wife, and ripped open a packet of Celox from one of our go bags. By the time we got to the local Urgent Care facility 15 minutes later, the would was completely sealed by the Celox powder. The doctor pulled (hard) multiple times but could not get the cut to reopen. He commented that he saw the same performance from this type of powder during his 2006-07 military tour overseas. He said it saved me from 5-7 staples in my head and a much longer ($) trip to the nearby hospital.

At $30 for a 10 pack, we keep several in each vehicle and near our first aid kits. Well worth $3!