Living with an EPI dog

Our new security system, er, I  mean, German Shepherd dog, has a condition fairly common to GSDs known as Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. The dog’s pancreas does not work properly and requires supplements to help them absorb their food properly. The EPI is partly why our dog is on the thin side and definitely why her coat is brittle; she’s just not getting the nutrition she needs from her food.

We’re going to approach this two ways with our new rescue dog. First, we’re switching her (slowly) from kibble to a (controversial with some) raw food diet. Second, we’re switching her from the current EPI supplement that came with her to a homeopathic, more natural version, called Canine Enteric Support. Our local vet is thankfully certified as a full vet plus trained in a number of holistic medical techniques. And he’s an enthusiastic supporter of the raw diet for dogs. I thought he might throw me out of his office when I mentioned our interest in feeding the dog raw; instead he says that’s the #1 thing to bring her health back.

Were’s starting out getting the raw dog food via mail order until I can build a reliable source among local chicken friends who process meat birds. I suspect both changes will greatly increase this dog’s health.