Newest addition to our security system

…who also happens to lower our stress levels. After several months on the rescue waiting list, we finally found a good fit and got to bring home a five year old very-bright German Shepherd dog this past week. The few commands she did not already know, she’s learning quickly.

She was nervous at first when we arrived home and dropped two doggie bombs inside the house (ugh). But true to her security nature, she wisely placed them directly underneath the window. Pity the home invader who steps through *those* windows.

She’s a bit thin due to a special medical condition, so in addition to additional obedience training, we’ll focus on helping her gain muscle weight in the coming months. She’s already fitting well into the family, following the kids around the yard as they play and garden. I feel completely comfortable even when they are not in direct sight, knowing they have a tall-for-her-breed German Shepherd standing by.

And I can now finally relax when someone forgets to lock a door at night. Just the sight of her enormous water bowls at each door should cause any unwelcome guest to pause and move along to the next house.