Trying to get it right

A short list of miscues so far in this car-replacement-bicycle experiment. Three examples of when I’ve failed and driven a car by myself.

  1. When i was sick and had to go to the doctor, who is over in the next town.
  2. Plugged in battery, but did not turn on charger, and my next trip required hauling stuff. Not smart.
  3. Lighting equipment failure, discovered right before a dinner party at night.

Several pieces of equipment have also had their miscues. While the Down Low Glow single tube has performed flawlessly as a rear light, the double tube cannot illuminate to full brightness on one of the tubes.

In the nearby photo, you should be seeing another bright orange glow near the kickstand at the bottom of the bike. The second tube on their double-tube simply does not illuminate more than 20%. 

The DLG customer service team has been responsive in diagnosing the ongoing problem; thus far we’ve tried both repairing and then replacing the original tube set. We’re now replacing the battery pack to se if that is the problem. Frustrating.

The battery for the eZee electric hub is even more frustrating. I can’t recommend this system right now as the battery, which promises 20-25 miles per charge, is only delivering 5MPC. A replacement battery is on the way, but even that is a frustrating experience as the US dealer required me to purchase it (another $450 hit) before they would ship it out. Presumably they will credit my account once they receive the defective battery back. Sure hope the new battery delivers the promised MPC.

The one good thing to say about the eZee system, which I suspect is the same for the other electric hub add-ons, is that I can I can average 23 MPH on flats and tackle hills fully loaded. That speed goes a long way for a car-replacement bike setup, as the timing of getting places in a small town is roughly the same as if you were driving.