Carrying kids on a cargo bike

I think we’ve finally got a good solution for transporting my seven year old to school safely on some major roads with a modified Bobike Junior child seat from Europe.

Luckily one of the guys at my local bike shop is handy with metal fabrication, as the base unit needed some significant reworking to fit on the Kona Ute acacia rack. Specific photos of the new base in the photostream.

The end result is a low profile child seat for a 50 pound kiddo, including foot pegs that swivel out of the way to access the saddle bags. Combined with the stoker bar, I just entered SuperHero status with my son. The other kids at school are pretty impressed when we roll up.

I’ve still got room on the rack behind the seat to lash on my cargo, and the panniers can still be loaded to capacity.

Next project: adding a front mounted child seat for child #2, a two year old.