Food Forest :: finishing the initial build out

After we got the dirt/compost into the new beds (on top of cardboard to smother the weeds), we planted a collection of berry bushes. Varieties include seaberries, honeyberries, raspberries, gooseberries, goji berries, goumi berries, and elderberries. We found this permaculture berry guide to be very helpful. We also brought in four more types of grapes and kiwis, both hard and fuzzy, to train along a new trellis.

To combat the strong pasture grass, we’re planting comfrey and nasturtium. Comfrey is not only a great chop/drop fertilizer, but also good to accelerate compost heap decomposition and supplement the chicken’s feed. It also acts as a fortress plant, weaving a thick root system to choke out the pasture grass.

We’re leaving two full beds open to plant potatoes in the Spring. Each fruit tree will have a guild built around it, with strawberries and other beneficial plants.

Free wood chips from local arborists line the walking paths (again, laid over wet cardboard). Food Forest version 1.0 is almost complete, just in time for the rains to begin. I’ve already started making my list of version 2.0 improvements to tackle next summer.

More photos in this slideshow.