Protecting your cash assets from hyperinflation

For a great summary on how we got into the mess we’re in, check out the NPR podcast “Return to the Giant Pool of Money“. If you don’t use iTunes, do a search for episode #390 of the This American Life show from Chicago Public Radio from just a few weeks ago.

In the podcast, they mark the anniversary of the economic collapse: recapping some of the original episode and finding out what’s happened to the folks featured in the story in the year since.

My main takeaway: the economic collapse was not something They did, but something We did. We (you and I) are the global pool of money. This is not something we can blame on Wall Street, but on basic human greed, seen at a catastrophic global scale.

And while we’re talking about money, you might look into just how secure (or not) your bank account is. Use this tool and go for B+ or higher rated bank.