The most patriotic thing you can do…

…is to prepare yourself, your family, your neighborhood, and your community to survive and thrive in a new US lifestyle where life gets very local, very quickly.

A practical – but relatively unknown – program most counties in the US offer is called Map Your Neighborhood (here’s an example from Ashland, Oregon). Google this program for your own town and help get your neighborhood prepared for emergencies.

The MYN program walks you and your immediate neighbors through how to prepare for and prevent emergencies in case of a natural disaster, terrorist strike, etc. From simple tasks, like turning off propane gas tanks to prevent explosions, to more complex plans, like what to do with children in the neighborhood who’s parents are injured/dead, this is a well thought out program. Our county sends out a DVD and paper guides, both of which are absurdly useful.

The DVD is full of lots of basic common sense tasks that I simply never thought of (I’m guessing most North Americans have not thought of these things either). Here’s one example; most injuries from earthquakes are from broken glass. Stepping in it, handling it, pushing through it. So these are a few of the items you should keep beside your bed, should the earthquake hit while you are sleeping:
  1. Pair of shoes.
  2. Pair of thick gloves.
  3. Hard hat.
My plan is to do this with our neighborhood, but then take it a step further, preparing our immediate area for disasters that might last longer than the 1-3 weeks the MYN program describes. I can’t think of a more patriotic thing to do than to ensure the health and safety of your neighbors.

Hope your Fourth of July celebration is restful and rejuvenating.