What do you mean by opt out?

By opting out, I’m proposing an en masse exodus of thoughtful, positive, grounded people from the US-centric world view that consuming more and more is our God-given right.

Specifically, I’m pursuing a significantly different priority list than most (95%) of my colleagues. Going beyond just opting out of fast food with toxic, addictive hits of fat and sugar. Beyond just opting out of mindless hours in front of reality tv shows.
This blog will document our failures and successes as we move through this radically (to me) different task list. The top-level to-do list in my family’s journey towards greater resilience includes these topics:

Do we have all the answers? Certainly not. I don’t think I even have handful of them. But I’ll let you know what we find in my research, what we actually enact, and whether it works or not.