Prepping for spring growth

Hugelkultur bed learning #49: I have created literally the perfect clubhouse for rats and mice. Woe to those whose hugel bed is right next to a pasture full of curious rodents. The full on war with the rats has begun. This month it’s traps; next month the outdoor hunting cats arrive. We shall give them epic Big Huntress type names.

Starting our annual “seedling shuffle” between the grow lights, the greenhouse, and the food forest beds.

Also excited to install our FLOW hive which you may have heard about via their crazy-successful IndieGoGo campaign. New bees arrive in a few weeks.


Highlight: tens of thousands of new buds on the fruit trees and berry bushes, all emerging at the same time. The food forest’s vibe has transitioned from its winter “retrenching” perspective to an open “come here” invitation with tiny spots of color throughout its branches.

Lowlight: coming back from travels to find 13 chickens gone in a single night via a coyote pack.

Signs of opening

Enjoying the brief signs of spring opening the new year with the arrival of the super early flower bulbs popping through the wet, hard ground. Trying to stay out of the garden to not compress the soil but on the occasional sunny day, it is tempting.

Surprise growth

Always surprised by random giant heads of cauliflower poking out of the hugel beds. Still doing lots of fermentation experiments, from my wife’s amazing sourdough bread to crazy-flavored batches of kombucha. Her creativity extended to gift-giving, too, with each of us receiving a harvest bag made from our own discarded jeans.

Slow growing

Lots of cold here, which means less growth in greenhouse despite auxiliary heat and in hugelkultur beds despite their ability to generate their own heat.

Hugelkultur bed learning #42: seeds roll down hill. Direct sowing seeds run down hill. I’m finding lots of plants growing from the midpoint down to spilling over into the surrounding wood chip pathways but not much up top. Duh. Casting seed rolls downhill especially when accompanied by lots of rain.

Fall color

No rush

Still no rush to get back on tech…hope you are enjoying fall sunshine in your bioregion.   🙂