Day range chicken tractor, version 3.0

After 18 months with version 2.0 of the day range chicken tractor, I decided to fix a fundamental flaw of my design which put three of the six nest boxes at the same height at the roosts. Oops. That meant the birds used those top nest boxes for sleeping and (you guessed it) pooping.

The new design features a row of nest boxes (buckets, actually) at 12″ off the ground with bamboo pole roosts 12″ above that. It was made of 50% salvage materials and 50% new materials, with cleverly designed nest buckets from FowlStuff comprising most of the new materials.

Version 3.0 eliminated two wall completely (version 2.0 had them as hinged wings) for massive airflow per Robert Plamondon’s open air design.

We choose to make the south and western walls solid as that’s the direction from which our winter rains and wind arrive.