R2D2 lives in my garage

The next energy efficiency project we’re tackling is getting our #1 electricity draw – our hot water – lowered on our bill. We originally spent months researching how to get it *off* our bill entirely via solar hot water tubes, but for our region of the country, that simply is not yet possible year round.

We decided the next best thing was to purchase an ultra-high efficiency model which will last us another 10 years, believing that solar technology will continue to rapidly improve in the meantime.

Which is how we came to have R2D2 living in our garage. Think of him as what happens when hot water heaters mate with heat pumps. The heat pump on top draws in the heat from the garage, applying it to water in the tank below, and then spitting back out cold air.

This is the GeoSpringTM hybrid water heater from GE, model #GEH50DNSRSA. Recommended with a fast payback time.