Four Hour Body for backyard growers

Tim Ferriss has a new book out titled Four Hour Body in which he turns the same uber-productivity focus from his first book (recommended previously) inwards to the human body. Given the number of personal and professional work projects I’ve got going on, I value his OCD tendencies and his clear details about how to keep our bodies healthy and strong in the most time efficient manner possible.

If you spend any amount of time on micro-farming or micro-ranching chores, you understand the need to keep yourself healthy and strong. If you are sick, the chores don’t get done and the food production cycle can get seriously out of whack. And yet, if you are doing this type of backyard farming and modern day homesteading, you are likely always running up against the time pressures of balancing that with your normal day job. So the challenge is how to stay in great shape (so you can do the food production chores you love) with the minimum amount of time (away from your family, away your day job, and away from those same chores).

Highly recommended read for anyone interested in getting/staying strong, losing those unneeded pounds, or taking your current multi-hour workout schedule down to under an hour per week.