Looking to the future

This blog details these “opt out” experiments so others can opt out en masse without suffering our same learning curve. We invest our time, talent, and treasure with these experiments – both personally and professionally – to bring positive change to our world. It’s much better than the alternatives (complaining, worrying, giving up).

Personally, we are learning practical skills (e.g. farming) by ourselves and in conjunction with our neighbors. Individual self-reliance is not the goal. Community-based self reliance is much more attractive.

Professionally, my wife focuses on direct help to people through social work and Health & Wellness coaching. For my part, I focus on building triple bottom line businesses, both for-profit and non-profit. Thus far I’ve done that via eco and fair trade products, the abolitionist movement, teaching sustainability and advising MBA schools, and building resilience into local communities.While my wife’s coaching practice is taking off, I’m nearing another crossroads professionally. I can see in the near future (months, not years) when my current business will get on its legs and I can have someone else manage the team. That would free up 80%+ of my work hours to invest in a new venture.

I’m not sure what that will be, although I need it to generate a revenue stream; our savings account has been going the other way for too long while supporting these other new ventures that are just now hitting breakeven. If I follow my passion, it will be something with local food production/distribution.