Results of no-car experiment

One year ago I challenged myself to not drive a car by myself (with the family is still OK) for one year, using a cargo bicycle as a car replacement instead. This is not such a far-fetched idea, as even UPS is doing tests on it.

Here’s what I learned from the times I failed to stay true to my goals:

  • When injuries from MMA training at the dojo (shoulder, lower back) prevented me from getting anywhere close to a normal riding position without pain. Clearly when my hobbies overlap, it does not always lead to productive results.
  • Late at night I found myself taking the car, as I simple don’t trust the drivers that are out at that hour (drunk, buzzed, sleepy, etc).

Despite those failures, I discovered the benefits of bicycling most of the time for me personally. When asked why I bicycle, I can now say:

  • To better myself physically: strong legs, good cardio.
  • To make the community I want to live in a reality; I want to see alot more bicycles in my small town. One of the best ways to do that is to *be* one more bicycle on the road every day.
  • To find post peak oil business opportunities by living through the pain points.
  • To lessen my impact on the environment.

I’m declaring this one year experiment a success and continuing down this path. Next stop: sell the car.