A career of ironies

A journalist recently drove this point home to me – in not a terribly kind way – that my chosen career is one of irony. He asked me how I could justify some of these incongruencies:

  • I run an international “Fair Trade” company, but my personal life is uber-focused on the “Go Local” movement.
  • I write for a major business publication, but am purposely unplugged from all media inputs to my life (try going a month without reading/watching the news, then ask yourself if your life is better/worse).
  • My company sells products, but I believe we all need to stop buying more stuff.
  • I teach marketing professionally, but take great pains to identify and cut off all access to my life (and my kids) from other marketers’ efforts. And I hate shopping.
  • I run a sports company, but don’t follow any sports (college, pro, local). It makes me hyper to just watch sports; I want to play the sport, not be a spectator.

Hypocrite? Not sure. Maybe.

OK, enough navel-gazing. Time to get outside to grow more food.