Do not buy the eZee bicycle kit

The eZee electric bicycle kit is not ready for prime time. After going through two batteries and two complete wiring harnesses with six months, I can make that statement with proof.

Neither myself, the pros at my local bike shop, nor the pros at the New York bike shop where I bought the system can figure out why the system randomly supplies 100% power, 10% power, or no power at all when hitting the throttle at the base of a hill. What an expensive, frustrating experiment this has been. My only recourse is to have the NY shop try to repair/resell the system and recoup a small portion of my money. The eZee warranty sucks.

Lesson (re)learned: do not buy a complex product that is not fully supported by your local bike shop.

Thankfully, my local bike shop just started carrying the Bionx electric conversion kit. It is more expensive (ouch) and rear-wheel drive (I wanted front wheel, since all the weight on a longtail is in the back), but my only option at this point. Stay tuned for a review after we get it installed.